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When you hear of Botox injections, the first and only thing most people associate it with is as an anti-aging treatment. Yes, Botox injections are today popularly used to make one look younger by getting rid of all those fine lines and wrinkles on the face. You get immediate results, without having to undergo any surgery or any long recovery period.

Basically, Botox injections work by stopping the muscles under wrinkles from moving. This way, you won’t see lines in between your eyes when you squint. However besides helping you look younger and better, Botox injections have many other benefits not many people know about.

Help in treating migraine

Actually, the FDA had first approved Botox for use in treating muscle spasms in the eyes that lead to impaired vision. However today, besides treating muscle spasms, Botox injections are very helpful to people suffering from migraine.

The injections calm the neck and face muscles that are usually the cause for migraines. Besides calming muscle tension, Botox hampers the pain signals sent to the brain and is also effective in treating muscular problems like writer’s cramp.

Prevents excessive sweating

Botox injections are also helpful to those suffering from excessive sweating in hands, feet or arms. The injection stops this excessive sweating by blocking nerve supplies in sweat glands, which in turn cuts off signals that lead to sweat production. However as these areas are rather sensitive, your doctor may use an anesthetic before administering the injection. The effects of a course of Botox injections last for about six to twelve months.

Besides all this, researchers are trying to find out if Botox injections are effective in treating other health problems like an overactive bladder, enlarged prostates and arthritis pain. Looking at all this, Botox looks to be a great boon to mankind with various benefits. However you have to know that though wonderful, Botox has its share of risks.

This is why you have to know and understand about all the reactions that may occur after the injections before taking any. Moreover, though popularly used, Botox injections cannot be given by just anyone; it should be given by someone with the right medical training to do so.

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