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Plastic surgeons are those doctors who remodel or restructure body parts out of necessity to correct medical problems or just to improve looks. They perform various procedures on all body parts for patients of all ages. In fact, some specialize in certain fields or body parts like craniofacial, pediatrics and hands and burns.

Most people think that plastic surgeons perform surgeries only with the intention of improving your body structure or to slow down the aging process. However, they can actually do more; they are skilled in performing surgeries that help correct medical problems and defects.

Surgery for Enhancement

If required, plastic surgeons perform plastic surgery like breast augmentation to enhance your body parts. Surgeons here enlarge and shape your breasts by inserting an implant. Other similar enhancement surgeries are tummy tucks, buttock augmentation, and rhinoplasty or a nose job. They also help reduce body fat through procedures like liposuction.

Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic surgeons usually perform reconstructive surgery to correct a patient’s medical problem. Patients usually approach plastic surgeons for help after accidents and traumatic injuries. So in a case of bad accidents, it is the plastic surgeon that can provide life-saving procedures to these casualties.

However, at times, there is the risk of the surgery results leaving the patient with some permanent deformities and scars. In such situations, the surgeon can once again perform additional procedures that help correct the skin look and function.

Plastic surgeons can also take care of non-emergency situations to rectify any functional problems the patient suffers from. For example, the surgeon may perform breast reduction to alleviate back pain, skin grafts in burns and scalds, scar repair surgery, remove tumors and even conduct cleft palate surgery.

Pediatric Reasons

Plastic surgeons not only operate on adults but also help treat and correct childhood conditions. These surgeons specialize in pediatrics and help rectify birth defects and illnesses like a cleft palate, facial defects, and congenital hand deformities. They also help remove birth marks and large moles that may create problems later in life.

Slow down the aging process

Many cosmetic procedures are performed to reverse or lower the aging effects on the skin. Surgeries like this are performed on the face to reduce wrinkles and lines and for tightening facial and neck skin like facelifts, collagen injections, cheek lifts, and brow lifts. They also perform laser procedures to resurface the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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