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Botox has helped both men and women turn back time and eliminate wrinkles and frown lines that have developed over the years. Some people may be apprehensive to try Botox after seeing pictures or knowing people that have had a bad experience. Luckily, if you choose a physician that is properly trained to give Botox injections and has experience then you will leave looking much younger without harsh side effects.

Botox injections should not be performed at parties at home or in some body’s basement. There are risks involved and it is important to find a medspa in Houston that uses clean tools and has been thoroughly trained to give Botox injections. The physician giving the injections must know how much of the solution to use so the patient does not leave with a face that looks frozen. Botox looks natural when properly administered.

It is a fairly simple process with immediate results which attracts a lot of men and women. Botox is a natural and purified protein from the Clostridium Botulinum bacterium. It blocks chemical signals from nerve endings that make muscle contractions. These contractions are what makes frown lines between the eyebrows, wrinkles around the eyes, and horizontal lines on the forehead. Botox injections are more effective in these areas but some patients choose to have injections on the neck and other areas of the face and see results.

Botox is not permanent but injections must be adequately spread apart to prevent the “frozen” face. The amount of time can vary based on how much solution was previously injected and how quickly the body burns off the solution. The amount of time between injections will be discussed between a physician and patient. It is important to allow enough time to pass before injecting more Botox to prevent unwanted side effects. A trained physician can give men and women younger looking faces that are natural and refreshing.

Houston MedSpa, Bella Rosa MedSpa, offers Botox for men and women to make them look young and fresh. They also perform laser hair removal and Juvederm in Houston that gives their patients younger looking skin.

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