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Quite a large number of people want to have their tattoos removed after a few years of having a tattoo. While removing tattoos was quite difficult and painful in the past, laser tattoo removal today makes tattoo removal comparatively easy.

In laser tattoo removal, lasers help remove tattoos by breaking the pigment colors using a high-intensity light beam. While black absorbs all laser wavelengths and is the easiest to treat, other colors like red selectively absorb green laser light. This is why different colors are specifically treated using specific lasers.

So the number of treatments you require depends on the size of your tattoo, and the colors used in it. in some cases, it is possible to remove the tattoo within 2-4 visits and in other cases, more sessions will be required. it is thus advised to have a consultation with a trained professional to decide how many sessions will be required to get your tattoo removed.

Factors to consider

Your age, the size of your tattoo and if it was done by an amateur professional determines the number of treatments you will require for tattoo removal. Even your skin color and the depth the tattoo pigment have an effect on the laser tattoo removal process.

During the laser tattoo removal process, you will have to wear protective eye shields. Then, your skin is tested to determine the best energy treatment to use for removing your tattoo. Next, a hand piece is placed against your skin surface and the laser light, activated. While small tattoos require only a few pulses, larger ones require more to remove the tattoo.

Whatever the case, you have to undergo various treatments and visits to have your tattoo removed. Immediately after each treatment, apply an ice pack to soothe the treated area and apply an antibiotic cream or ointment. Bandage the site or cover it with sun block when in the sun.

Though anesthesia is not required for laser Houston tattoo removal, depending on its location and your pain tolerance, your doctor may give you some anesthesia before the procedure.

Museum District Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center in Houston Remove Unwanted Tattoos Quickly & Easily using latest laser tattoo removal technology removes even the darkest tattoos with dramatic and effective results.

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