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Breast lift surgery is also called maxopexy and is an operation performed to lift and reshape your breasts. It involves the removal of excess skin from under your breast and around the nipple (areola).

Your surgeon then tightens your breast’s skin and tissue to lift your nipple higher for a more youthful and firm appearance. If required, your doctor may also simultaneously conduct a breast enlargement or Houston breast reduction operation.

It is important that you do not rush into this surgery, and discuss your options with your plastic surgeon Houston about the benefits and results you should expect after the surgery. You can also discuss any alternatives available for the surgery. Based on the reason you are undergoing the surgery, your doctor may suggest a more suitable cosmetic surgery for you like a breast reduction or Houston breast augmentation operation.

How To Prepare For The Surgery

Preparation for the surgery involves stopping smoking if your smoke as smoking increases the chances for a chest and wound infection, which only slows down the recovery process. This is a surgery that requires an overnight stay in the hospital and is usually done under general anesthesia.

So you will be sleeping during the operation, and need to follow fasting instructions before the surgery. This means you should not eat or drink for about six hours before the surgery, or as your anesthetist advises.

Measures and Assesses Breast Shape

Your surgeon will discuss everything related to the surgery like what to expect before, during and after the surgery and the pain you have to endure. You thus know what happens and you can prepare yourself by clearing all your doubts and asking questions about the benefits, risks, and alternatives to the procedure. You are thus informed and can give your consent for the surgery to go ahead by signing a consent form.

Your surgeon also measures your breasts and assesses the shape and position of your nipples. Accordingly, your surgeon marks the position of the surgical cuts required for the breasts. If required, your surgeon may also take photographs of the surgery results to compare with its original appearance. Your surgeon will also make you undergo a mammogram or x-ray of your breasts before the surgery.

The Surgery

Depending on the exact procedure you need to undergo, the surgery lasts for about 2-3 hours. Your surgeon then makes various cuts on the breasts; the position and number of these cuts vary based on the technique your surgeon uses.

Then, your surgeon removes skin around the areola and under the breasts to finally reposition the nipples. If required, the areola size may be reduced to match the new breast look and shape.

In case you simultaneously undergo a breast enlargement, your surgeon will also insert a silicone breast implant to give your breast your desired shape. The implant is placed under the breast surface or muscle. In case you need smaller breasts, your surgeon will remove some breast tissue during the surgery.

Once the surgery is over, your surgeon will close all incisions using stitches and may also wrap your breasts with a special supportive dressing or support tape.

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