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Transaxillary Endoscopic Breast Augmentation is a breast enlargement approach that permits breast implants be placed through an armpit incision. In this technique, an approximately 1-inch incision is prepared at the top of the armpit that is initially used to introduce the tiny camera or the endoscope, to permit for accurate designing of the tissue pocket with finest visualization and control in all the steps during the whole process. After the tissue pocket is successfully created, silicone or saline gel implants are placed depending on the client preference. The process is identical to any other approaches for breast augmentation Houston; apart from that, the untimely postoperative discomfort related with the incision site will be in the armpits.

Since the procedure became famous among patients, majority prefer the armpit incision because the scar is barely noticeable after the healing of the incision. In addition, when inserting the breast implants underneath the muscle, cutting through the breast muscles is evaded thereby avoiding the breast scars. Using the armpit incision to have breast implant is not much painful, though pain from one patient to the other varies; generally, lasting for one or two days and it’s well managed with pain relief medications. Compared to other incisions-crease and periareolar incisions, armpit incision is less painful.

Studies have shown that some breast augmentation procedures are associated with some incidences of infection due to the nature of the processes involved. However, with this method, incidences of infection recorded are very low despite of the incision method utilized. Particularly with the armpit incision, the care is very precise, as it only requires washing the armpit and application of antibiotic ointments once a day. Stitches made in the armpit dissolve on their own.

The results of Transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation from the patient testimony are excellent and the results are impeccable provided the plastic surgeon you chose is experienced

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