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Laser vaginal reconstruction is a new way women can feel more confident in the way they look and experience a better sexual experience. For many women this is not a concern of theirs until they have given birth to several children or after they have aged and noticed a difference in their labia. Labiaplasty Houston has been the solution in the past, but more and more people are turning to laser vaginal rejuvenation Houston. This is a new technology so women who are interested in this laser vaginal surgery need to ensure they choose a plastic surgeon who has as much experience as possible using this equipment so they remain safe throughout the procedure.

What is Laser Vaginal Reconstruction

There continue to be more and more laser technologies available today that Houston cosmetic surgeons are excited about. Laser technology generally means the surgery is less invasive so patients do not have to go through an extensive recovery period. Laser vaginal rejuvenation helps reshape the labia and tightens muscles in the vaginal area. This makes it more comfortable for women to wear certain types of clothing that are tight, makes it easier to participate in sports, and means they have a more enjoyable experience in the bedroom.

Laser vaginal reconstruction helps women turn back time to give them a vaginal area that is more youthful with pre-pregnancy tightness. The procedure will be discussed in detail with your plastic surgeon so you know exactly what to expect after to help you decide if this surgery is right for you.

Ideal Candidates of Laser Vaginal Reconstruction

Since it can tighten the vaginal muscle, it is important to discuss the possibility of having any children in the future. If so, it is best to postpone this surgery since birthing additional children can reverse what the surgeon does. While this can be an embarrassing part of your body to discuss, the surgeon will want to examine it to see if laser vaginal reconstruction is a good option for you. Choosing a professional and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon can help with this process and make it more comfortable for you during your consultation and surgery in the future.



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