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Smart lipo is certainly much more attractive than traditional liposuction for more than one reason. It does not take a lot of time to weigh the benefits smart lipo provides, such as a quicker recovery time, less pain, and better results. However, there are still some things to know so you are happy with your results and know what to expect after a smart lipo treatment.

Recovery Still Needed with Smart Lipo


Other laser procedures may not require any downtime but men and women will need to listen to their doctor’s advice after their smart lipo procedure. Patients typically go back to work in a couple of days but they should avoid exercise for two weeks. This may seem like a long time but when compared to traditional liposuction this is just a fraction of the time you would have to hold off on certain activities.

You will also be expected to visit the surgeon who has performed the procedure on you to see how you are recovering and to monitor your results. If they are not happy they may recommend a smart lipo revision, often for free, so you have optimal results.

When to Expect Results

Similar to other laser treatments, smart lipo results generally get better over time. Men and women can often see some results after a week but they will not see full results for three to six months. It is important to know they will not get immediate results but their doctor will monitor their progress to ensure they are seeing the best results over the months.

Knowing what to expect after smart lipo is something to discuss during your consultation with your surgeon. This way you are not surprised by having to wait for results and know when you can get back to doing your normal activities. It is important to follow your surgeon’s advice to get the best out of your smart lipo procedure.


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