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Laser tattoo removal in Houston helps men and women who want to get rid of their tattoo for whatever reason. While different surgeons may use different equipment there are some similar things patients can expect throughout the process. Getting a tattoo removed cannot often be done with just one treatment. It takes a commitment to return for multiple treatments.

Some types of skin and tattoos are better candidates than others. For example, men and women with medium to fair skin tones have a better reaction because the light of the laser can distinguish the ink from the skin; however, other factors do come into play.

A patient must meet with their cosmetic surgeon for a consultation to determine if their tattoo is likely to be successfully removed. The number of treatments and cost will also be discussed. Tattoo removal prices vary due to the varying amounts of treatments. Generally, amateur tattoos require one to four treatments that are scheduled four to six weeks apart. Multicolor tattoos done by a professional often take six to ten treatments spaced apart six to eight weeks.

Each session takes between 10 to 30 minutes depending on the size and where the tattoo is located. Removing a tattoo can be uncomfortable for some. If a patient is experiencing discomfort the surgeon can use local anesthesia but most people find it unnecessary. Those that have previously gotten a tattoo removed and said the procedure felt like they were getting snapped by a rubber band when the laser pulses enter the skin.

After each laser tattoo removal, the area that was treated may become a whitish color and have minimal swelling. The whitish coloring typically occurs immediately after treatment and subsides in 30 minutes while the swelling lasts longer but can be reduced by cooling the skin with an ice pack.

Within a few weeks after a treatment patients can start to see the tattoo fading. After additional treatments the tattoo will continually fade until the desired outcome. Proper skin care throughout the time a patient is getting laser tattoo removal treatments will be discussed prior to the first treatment so any side effects that occur are mild.

Bella Rosa, a Houston MedSpa, offers laser tattoo removal for patients with little discomfort due to their experience and expertise. Other high-quality services they offer include Juvederm and Botox in Houston.

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