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Full body lift surgery can raise, firm, and tighten excess skin that has formed due to weight loss. This surgery helps them wear clothes for their new size without having to accommodate the hanging skin. Body lift surgery is not for everyone and needs to be thoroughly researched before making a decision. Here are some tips from our Houston body lift surgeons.

How a Full Body Lift can Benefit You

If you have experienced rapid weight loss or have had age-related changes in your body you may notice loose, hanging skin on parts of your body. It can make it difficult to wear clothes that fit your new body type with the excess skin. The goal of a full body lift is to give you a more normal appearance but it cannot remove fat deposits. It is only for those who have already lost the weight and want to remove any hanging skin. If you want to get rid of fat your surgeon will recommend liposuction with your body lift surgery.

Good Candidates for a Full Body Lift

When you are speaking with a cosmetic surgeon about a fully body lift they will often ask you about your medical history and health condition to determine if you are a good candidate for body lift surgery. Ideal candidates are non-smokers who are in good health and can maintain their weight through a healthy lifestyle and diet. It is also best for candidates to have realistic expectations about what a body lift can do for them. Prior to getting a body lift your surgeon may recommend getting tests done to ensure you meet health requirements.

After Body Lift Surgery

Patients can expect to avoid strenuous work for at least four to six weeks after surgery. Non-strenuous work can generally be done after two weeks. The ability to stay away from work may be difficult but must be done in order to experience a full recovery without complications. Patients can also expect to have scarring where the skin was removed so a full body lift surgery is not recommended for those with only a little extra skin.


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