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A tummy tuck is a popular choice after a woman has been pregnant and needs help getting rid of the stubborn belly fat that sometimes remains long after the baby was born. While a tummy tuck can seem like a good idea for anyone there are a few things to know before making an appointment.

It takes awhile to heal after having a tummy tuck Houston surgery. Patients should get at least a full two weeks off of work in order to rest after the surgery. It is even better if they can take three to four weeks off. It may depend on the kind of job you have to decide how soon you can go back to work.

Eat a balanced diet before the surgery and eat light meals on the exact day. Of course, everyone should be eating a balanced diet anyway but this can help your body be as healthy as possible to prepare for the surgery. Avoid spicy food and any specific foods your surgeon recommends staying away from. This is just so you are as comfortable as possible before and after the surgery.

Expect swelling after surgery. You will not be able to jump right into a pair of skinny jeans. A tummy tuck is hard on your abdominal area and it needs to properly heal. Wear lose fit clothing until you feel your body can handle tighter clothes.

Make sure you have listed every medication you are taking to your cosmetic surgeon. They may require you to stay away from Advil or other pain medications up to two weeks before surgery since they are a blood thinner and complications can arise if you have forgotten to mention it. Your surgeon is there to help you through the process. Ask any questions you have so you feel comfortable with the procedure.

The plastic surgeons in Houston at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery help men and women get rid of that stubborn fat with a tummy tuck. Other plastic surgery procedures their top-rated plastic surgeons offer include Botox injections, tummy tuck, and breast implants in Houston.

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