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If you are considering breast augmentation using breast implants, there are various types of breast implants for you to choose from. You have to make your choice based on the shape, surface; profile and implant fill along with your body type and the reason for your breast implant surgery.

There are two types of breast implants; saline breast implants and silicone breast implants. While silicone implants give a better look and feel than the saline ones, they are used mainly in people undergoing breast reconstruction and breast revision surgery.

Breast implant shape
While looking at the shape of implants, round breast implants give the most natural shape in breast augmentation. However gravity does cause a shifting of the saline in the implant, which in turn creates a natural look while lying down and a tear-drop shape while standing.

Tear-drop breast implants retain their shape while lying down but need a textured exterior to remain in the right position. Tear-drop shape breast implants are usually used in patients with little or no breast tissue.

Surface of the breast implant
While scar tissue is natural after surgery, textured breast implants were created to prevent its excessive formation and hardening around the breast implant. Its textured surface prevents hardening by causing scar tissue to form less uniformly.

Though it creates a rippled appearance, textured implants are the better implant to use in women with a history of capsular contracture. On the contrary, smooth implants don’t ripple much, are softer to touch and is the preferred choice among most women.

Breast implant profile
Implant profile is the fourth feature to consider choosing the best breast implant for your surgery. High profile implants provide more projection from the body and is the preferred choice for small frame women looking for larger looking breasts. Large frame women prefer moderate profile breast implants to get the right fullness for her body shape.

Besides taking these features into consideration, you have to have your surgery preformed by a good cosmetic surgeon and hold consultations to decide which breast implant is best for your breast implant surgery.

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