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Labia reduction is not a procedure many people think about when discussing cosmetic surgery unless they have genetic problems that have caused them to be aware of the area or experience discomfort when doing certain activities. Labiaplasty is not for everyone since it is a very sensitive area and there are risks involved just as there is with any type of surgery.

Is Labia Reduction Right for Me?

Women who experience pain or discomfort when wearing tight clothing, such as jeans or yoga pants can often fix the problem with Houston labiaplasty. Women who have pain when playing sports, especially horseback riding or bike riding are typically good candidates for this procedure. However, some women decide to get a labia reduction because they are self-conscious with how their vaginal area looks after childbirth or have genetic problems. In that case, labiaplasty can give them confidence and an improvement in their personal life.

Recommended Preparations Prior to Labiaplasty

When you visit a labia reduction surgeon they want to ensure you are healthy and a good candidate for this procedure. Many will recommend their patients to get a PAP smear if they have not had one recently. They also want to make sure a woman is not pregnant, does not have any sexual transmitted infections or any other health problems. It is important for a woman to be truthful with their surgeon since he or she is only trying to make sure the woman can handle the procedure.

Consider the Cost for Labia Reduction

Unlike other types of surgeries, labiaplasty is not covered by most health insurance plans. If you are injured or experience negative side effects that need medical attention your plan will not cover those expenses either. After you speak with a surgeon and decide you are a good candidate inquire about the cost and what type of financial plans they offer. You may need to delay the procedure to save up the cost.

Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery perform labiaplasty to rejuvenation a woman’s vaginal area. Other plastic surgery procedures their top-rated plastic surgeons offer include Botox injections, laser hair removal, and breast implants in Houston.

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