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Spider vein reduction can be done with two popular procedures: Sclerotherapy and AFT laser treatments. Which one you choose is a personal decision combined with the advice from your Houston cosmetic surgeon. Some may combine your treatment to do both types of procedures if that will maximize your results.

Deciding to get varicose vein treatment in Houston is mostly a personal decision. It is very important to see a doctor if you do have varicose or spider veins to ensure they are not due to a different medical condition. If you are otherwise healthy but feel as if you cannot wear shorts because of your veins, spider vein reduction can be a terrific way to make you feel better about yourself.

Learn About Spider Vein Reduction Procedures

If you have only recently begun thinking about wanting to get rid of spider veins, you will want to learn what procedures are available. There are two common procedures, the first being Sclerotherapy. Those who have a fear of needles generally do not choose this option since it requires using microinjections of solution into the feeder veins of the spider veins. However, it is one of the best Houston body contouring procedures available and should be considered if you are a candidate for it.

The second spider vein reduction procedure is AFT laser treatments. It is a noninvasive procedure that uses pulsed light to target the spider veins, which causes those particular veins to collapse without affecting the surrounding area. This is another popular treatment, especially because it does not use needles, such as with Sclerotherapy.

To truly know when it is time to get rid of spider veins, it is mostly up to you and your preference. If you do not feel uncomfortable enough to stop wearing shorts then these procedures are not for you. Since multiple sessions are typically needed, it is something you will have to be comfortable going through in order to be successful.

The Houston Med Spa, Bella Rosa, helps get rid of unsightly spider and varicose veins using AFT Laser Treatments or Sclerotherapy. Their professional staff dedicates their time to learn exactly what you want to achieve and designs a custom treatment plan for you. Some of the custom treatments they offer include chemical peels, laser acne treatments, and Houston Botox injections.

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