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Botox in Houston has been around for years and when you consider the benefits it is no wonder why it continues to grow in popularity and attract new people to try it for themselves. When done in a medical setting with a certified doctor, Botox comes with many advantages over other skincare regimens.

Botox is one of the easiest methods for treating fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and eyebrow. It is also one of the most effective. Unlike creams and lotions available in stores, results are nearly immediate and last for a much longer period of time. Even compared to cosmetic surgery procedures, Botox injections can come ahead due to its quick results.

Even though it is not completely risk-free, which is true about any procedure, Botox Houston is as close as you can get. No anesthesia is required and it is performed in a medical office that is sterile and where Botox is kept at its correct temperature. The surface of the skin is numbed with an ice pack or cream and a very tiny needle is used to inject the solution to the correct area. There is no recovery time and patients will not experience swelling, bruising, or bleeding. The procedure lasts for only five to ten minutes and patients can go about their day as if it is any other day.

Houston Botox is much more affordable when compared to cosmetic surgeries that provide similar results. It costs an average of $400. Injections are needed every four to six months to have the best results but the cost is reasonable for the results a patient sees.

Millions of people have gotten Botox because of how safe, effective, and affordable it is. To learn more about Botox, make an appointment for a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon that is experienced and has a good reputation.

Bella Rosa, a Houston med spa, offers Botox injections for men and women that want to take advantage of its many benefits. They also offer skincare services so patients can look their best. Some treatments they offer include Radiesse to remove wrinkles, laser tattoo removal, and laser hair removal.

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