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Labia reduction surgery, also known as labiaplasty, reshapes the appearance of the genitalia. Some women may feel self-conscious about the size of their labia minora while others do the surgery to solve a functional impairment. Any type of plastic surgery is a personal decision a woman must make to ensure they are comfortable with the procedure and are happy with the final results. A professional cosmetic surgeon will determine if the procedure is right for you based on medical history and your reasons for getting the surgery. However, the final decision is yours and yours alone.

Women that choose to have Houston labiaplasty may feel that their inner labia is abnormally long and want to reduce its size. If it is too long it can cause emotional or psychological distress during intimate encounters. It may have naturally formed longer than what is considered normal or stretched during childbirth. Whatever the cause, labiaplasty can give women the confidence they deserve.

Another reason women have labia reduction surgery is because they want to get rid of symptoms that are caused by the elongated labia, such as pain or discomfort when wearing tight fitting clothes, exercising, during sexual intercourse, or doing everyday activities. A cosmetic surgeon will discuss with the woman what they can expect the surgery to accomplish and if it will solve their problem.

Women often need three to four days of rest at home to recover from labiaplasty. They can take pain medications recommended by their surgeon to help reduce any pain or discomfort they are experiencing. Women need to clean the area and use antibiotic cream daily. Stitches will dissolve after about two weeks and any swelling and tenderness should disappear within six weeks. Women can see the final results after six months. Always follow the directions the surgeon gives you after surgery to reduce any complications that can arise after the procedure is done.

Houston plastic surgeons at MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery perform labiaplasty to rejuvenation a woman’s vaginal area. Their elective surgery procedures include Houston facelifts, laser hair removal, and their high-in-demand Houston breast augmentations.

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