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Sclerotherapy may not be the first method you have tried in order to reduce or get rid of spider veins but it could very well be your last. This is because it is considered to be the best of its kind, which is proven in its success rate and happy patients who have decided to use Sclerotherapy in an effort to get rid of ugly spider veins.

Men and women that have spider veins are often embarrassed by their appearance and wear long pants or shirts to hide them. While some lifestyle changes may prevent them from coming they are also a sign of aging. If you have recently been to your doctor and have made sure the spider or varicose veins are not a sign of an underlying health problem they may recommend several different treatment options to get rid of them. Sclerotherapy should be one of your top choices.

Sclerotherapy Versus Other Spider Vein Treatments
Your doctor may have mentioned several different spider vein treatments available today. Some may be available from your doctor while other treatments would be done in another medical setting, such as a local med spa. Sclerotherapy is one of these treatments that a plastic surgeon at a med spa recommend. The one negative that may come with this treatment is it uses tiny needles to inject sclerosing solution to close the feeder veins, which are those that are causing the spider veins. Unfortunately, those with a fear of needles quickly ignore this treatment and opt to take a different route. Sclerotherapy should be given a second chance as it comes with many benefits.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy
First, Sclerotherapy requires no downtime. Patients will likely be asked to wear compression socks for four to five days after a treatment to help achieve the desired results. Another benefit is that those who have chosen Sclerotherapy have said the injections cause minimal to no discomfort. You can speak with your doctor if you are concerned about the pain associated with the needles to discover what solutions there are to optimize your comfort levels. The best benefit of all is how well this treatment has worked for patients over the years. Ask to see before-and-after photos to see for yourself how other patients have been have to get rid of spider veins using Sclerotherapy.

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