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Wrinkles are one of the signs of aging that affect the self esteem of both men and women. It makes them feel embarrassed about their body and look for effective means of wrinkle removal. One of the most popular options used for wrinkle removal is laser wrinkle removal. However there are both benefits and risks involved with the procedure.

1. The most obvious benefit of laser wrinkle removal is that it is fast and relatively painless in removing wrinkles.

2. Its effects last for about one to five years.

3. When compared to other alternative methods of wrinkle treatment Houston, this is a cheaper option.

4. Laser wrinkle removal is done by a professional in a professional environment.

Besides these benefits, there are some possible side effects that may arise with laser wrinkle removal. These side effects are mild, and usually occur if there is too deep a penetration of the laser into the skin layer. Side effects may affect about 10-15% of the people who undergo laser wrinkle removal.

1. The possible side effects of laser wrinkle removal include scarring, swelling, blistering, infection, redness and other forms of skin discoloration.

2. Another disadvantage of laser wrinkle removal is that it works well only on fine lines and is not of much help on deep wrinkles.

3. Moreover, you only experience temporary relief, and there is a chance of wrinkles reappearing after one to five years.

4. Laser wrinkle removal targets small areas and is not effective in implementing a full face solution. So laser wrinkle removal is okay if you have wrinkles in only one or two regions of your face. Otherwise you may need to use some other options for full facial treatments.

There are other safer solutions that may even produce better results than laser wrinkle removal. You could try using anti wrinkle creams, skin supplements, collagen fillers and home microdermabrasion kits. These options are not only safer than laser wrinkle removal, but give long term benefits at a cheaper price.

Benefits of collagen fillers

Collagen fillers are great for wrinkle removal as it’s replenishes lost volume on the face. You find your natural collagen smoothing out with collagen fillers as they tend to stimulate the production of new collagen or collagenesis in the skin. Its effects usually last a year or more and instantly correct wrinkles.

As all you require is a single syringe to use collagen fillers, this is a very popular, safer and long lasting option for wrinkle removal. However the final choice and decision lies in the hands of the patient after weighing the pros and cons of both forms of wrinkle removal.

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